Definition of Culture: The attitudes, feelings, behavior that characterize and form a society as a whole or any social group.

Yes, we have attitudes, feelings, and values here at Ron*Carter. We all have our own "backpacks" so to speak. And, our "backpacks" are filled with our own commitments, goals, desires, beliefs, memories, family, friends and even pets. Yes, we come together each and every day to fulfill the mission at hand. That is, to treat our customers like guests, deliver exceptional sales and service, and keep our customers coming back. We love return guests :).

FUN We are all about FUN! We realize that our employees spend many hours at work, and we want those hours to be pleasant. We will continually look for ways to promote an enthusiastic workplace and happy employees. So expect a lot of smiling faces and positive attitudes.

FAIR We strive to treat all our staff with fairness, and we are committed to providing our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth.

FABULOUS We want our employees to be proud to say they work at Ron*Carter. Our employees are our single greatest strength, and we want them to feel appreciated for all the hard work and dedication they daily deliver.