Some of you may have a truck that you don't think reaches its potential in regard to appearance and performance. This can easily be changed through the addition of accessories and some modifications.

RCC has packages to start with and 100% customization options, plus in-house financing, to help you achieve the look and performance you desire.

Look at the styling of your truck, and figure out the image you wish to project with it.

There are several options you can look at that will radically change the truck's appearance and performance. Here are some:

  • Lift kits. These may be simple blocks that fit between the axle and leaf springs to raise the back end, and spacers for the coil springs to raise the front. This may give your truck a more aggressive appearance.

  • Low rider effects. By reducing the leaf springs and installing shorter coil springs at the front, and using low profile tires on wide rims, you can make your truck appear to hug the ground.

  • Upgraded tires and rims. This is an area where the cost may really hit your pocketbook, but some chrome spoke rims, spinners, or white spoke steel rims will instantly change your truck's appearance. Adding white raised letter tires, very wide whitewalls, or large "mud" tires can change it even more.

  • Chrome accessories. Chrome bumpers, trim packages, running boards, grill guards, and bed rails can liven up the appearance and add significant "shine" to your pickup.

  • Tonneau covers. These will help transform your truck into a sleek road machine, especially with a drop kit to make it a low rider. An added benefit would be having a dry cargo area in the truck bed.

  • Window tinting. Here, you can get the benefit of a slightly cooler air temperature, as well as the look of bronze tinted, or even artistic looking mural window tinting. Some states have differing laws as to how dark the tinting can be, so check before you invest in this.

  • Brush guards, grill covers, and winches. For what may be the ultimate in "rugged" effects, look at grill covers and brush guards, as well as winches that fit into them, or on custom built bumpers.
Basic Modification Package

Includes: 17" Wheels, 33" Tires, Leveling Kit & Speedo Callibrator

Starting at $3,995
Hi-Boy Modification Package

Includes: 17" Wheels, 35" Tires, Spring Lift & Speedo Callibrator

Starting at $4,695
Big Dog Modification Package

Includes: Full Suspension, 17" Wheels, 35" or 37" Tires, Rear Tire Carrier & Speedo Callibrator

Starting at $5,895